About Us

Evolve Architects are specialist residential architects. We devote a significant amount of our energy and resources to ensure responsible architectural development within the context of the changing social and environmental needs of South Africa. Together with Evolve Habitats, we provide Turnkey
Architecture Solutions offering inspiring architecture and quality construction tailored each individual client’s budget.

Kevin Els | Principal

A registered architectural professional practicing since 1988, Kevin Els is a principal partner in the firm. He brings extensive experience in design and implementation. His application of practical as well as technical aspects are of great benefit to our client base. Kevin specializes in residential, corporate, industrial as well as healthcare architecture and is responsible for several of the Firm’s major clients. Kevin values the team approach and ethos, “There is great reward in nurturing client relationships while placing emphasis on creativity and consideration to our environment within the design”.

Nick Brits | Principal

Nick Brits graduated with a BSc Arch degree from the University of Pretoria and has been practicing since 2004. Nick brings a fresh creative edge to the design team with extensive experience in upmarket residential as well as corporate and retail design. Nick’s key focus is on the integration and implementation of sustainable architectural design solutions in our projects.

Sebastian Görner

Student Intern

Evolve Architects Design Studio